Preparing and conducting litigation is often described as being similar to steering a large ship through the ocean. It is often difficult to change course once the legal process is in motion. That is why it is crucial that you have the right team from the outset. We are driven, meticulous and focused on the bigger picture – steering you towards achieving the best possible outcome.

We know that you don’t want us to re-state the problem, you want solutions. That is why when litigation is likely, we will lay down the alternative strategies and recommend the most effective path. Whether it be mediation, arbitration, urgent injunctions or large scale litigation, you will find our representation invaluable in achieving your objectives.

Our determined, yet practical approach is driving Birchgrove Legal’s growing reputation in the wider legal community.


The benefit of having specialist litigation lawyers is that we know how and why things go wrong. We use this knowledge and our years of experience in the commercial field to provide you with sound, practical advice in relation to a range of transactions including: