Month: October 2015

Contracts in simple terms

Contracts form a part of your everyday life, so we think it’s about time you gave some thought as to what it actually means. Whether you are buying milk from the corner store, starting a gym membership, or getting someone to fix the leaking tap in the kitchen, you are …

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Are there risks in going to Court?

The short answer is YES. The nature of the risks depend on the Court (or tribunal) that you are in and the type of matter. There are no guarantees in litigation. Yes, there are very strong cases and very weak cases, but solicitors can only provide you with advice as …

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Need more certainty of the legal costs for your matter?

An important concern for clients is knowledge of what legal services will cost, before engaging a lawyer. You don’t want to retain a lawyer on the expectation that fees will be $2,000, only to be hit with a $20,000 bill. It is these sorts of scenarios that give lawyers a …

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