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Tips for negotiating a retail or commercial lease

It’s surprisingly common for businesses (particularly new ones) to enter into commercial leases without reviewing the documents or negotiating anything other than the rent. Leases can throw up some curveballs for unsuspecting tenants once the lease is signed your options are limited, so it’s best to try and get things …

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Successful Federal Court Application by Family Day Care Operators

The Department of Education cancelled the approval of two family day care operators pursuant to section 195H (1) (b) of the A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999 (the Administration Act). The cancellation decision would have caused the operators to shut down. Birchgrove Legal successfully applied to the Federal …

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Contracts in simple terms

Contracts form a part of your everyday life, so we think it’s about time you gave some thought as to what it actually means. Whether you are buying milk from the corner store, starting a gym membership, or getting someone to fix the leaking tap in the kitchen, you are …

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