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Birchgrove Legal is a driven and energetic legal practice located in Sydney’s central business district. Established in 2012 with two founding solicitors, Birchgrove Legal has since grown to a team of more than ten professionals offering legal expertise in a wide range of matters.

As a client of Birchgrove Legal you can expect honest, reliable advice and strong representation throughout the course of your matter.

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Private Colleges Under the Microscope

With recent headlines of college licences being revoked and ASQA setting up a new Auditing team, increased scrutiny of Training and Education providers will likely be the norm. ASQA’S NEW AUDIT PANEL The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) recently published a statement advising of its intention to establish a new …

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Are there risks in going to Court?

The short answer is YES. The nature of the risks depend on the Court (or tribunal) that you are in and the type of matter. There are no guarantees in litigation. Yes, there are very strong cases and very weak cases, but solicitors can only provide you with advice as …

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What you need to know about Drink Driving or DUI

WHAT IS DRINK DRIVING? The law limits the amount of alcohol a driver is allowed to have within their blood while driving a motor vehicle. The limit of alcohol allowed while driving a motor vehicle is dependent upon the type of licence held by the driver. Such limits are prescribed …

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